Harvey A. Levine

Harvey Levine is the Founding partner at Levine and Gilbert. The Levine & Gilbert Firm has been in practice for 62 years. Mr. Levine has personally tried over 300 cases in every county as well as outlying counties in the State of New York. Amongst other causes of actions, this includes negligence, medical malpractice, false arrests, criminal defense, and civil rights violations. His firm has handled thousands of cases in these fields with an extremely high success ratio.

Mr. Levine’s results are focused upon unusually prepared cases, as well as excellent investigations by investigators who are well trained by the Police Department. The firm has handled cases which brought forth verdicts in the multi millions. The Levine & Gilbert firm has recently secured in Queens County the highest verdict in the history of New York State, which comprised of a Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction case. We recently settled a cause of action in the Bronx for a sum in the amount of $8 Million dollars in a most difficult case. The firm’s Attorneys are almost always available well past working hours, as well as on weekends. Are
results are compatible with the effort we give to each case.

Our firm represents the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 69, which is the largest Police membership group in the country.

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